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I've got a bad idea.

I'm quite angry with the new internet radio royalties that, as it currently stands, will shut down Pandora, LastFM, Live365 and every NPR rebroadcaster ever on July 15th. You can find more information about this at

This effects so many of us and I'd really like... well... it not to happen. It's not just about this instance - it is a terrible president to set. This whole issue isn't really being covered and I'd love a way to know how the current presidential candidates feel about the issue and possibly to shed some light on the issue. I've got a lot of video editing knowledge from doing my masters basically attached to an Avid system... so I figured I'd like to make a YouTube debate question asking them about this.

Then I realized that this effects so many people, why does it have to be just me asking the question.

I'm going to pick a date and time and invite *everyone* I know and everyone they know. Make a big publicity drive to get people to show up: Facebook, LJ, and other sources of publicity. Everyone locally who's effected and angry. Have them all stand behind me (maybe in front of the MIT Student Center) while I ask the question. I'm prepared for getting a lot of people. Then make a good professional quality video about the sites that are effected and explain why it's so important.

I am almost certainly doing this. If you'd like to help me organize, please tell me.
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