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Birthdate:Feb 18
I was just guessing at numbers and figures,
Pulling your puzzles apart.
Questions of science, science and progress
Do not speak as loud as my heart.

I'm a PhD student at Brandeis in Natural Language Processing (CS). I got my masters and undergrad at MIT and worked for a time at Harvard and I now work closely with the MIT media lab. I am a language and thought geek, a theater techie, a closet history nut, a lucid dreamer, a fantasy reader, a hiker and nature enthusiast, a (board) gamer, a music fan, a wikipedia addict, a cooking hobbiest and a shy and sometimes cryptic person.


"I don't want the world --- I just want your half."
'All I Want Is a Warm Bed and a Kind Word and Unlimited Power' ~ Ashleigh Brilliant
"And still I will hold on..."

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