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Mar. 5th, 2007 03:20 am
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When the Arcade Fire comes to Boston, I will not be there. This is because:

1. I will be in Paris.
2. I will (hopefully) be presenting a paper
3. Even if I'm not, it will be Jason's birthday.
4. I doubt he'd understand
5. Even if he did, I wouldn't let him.
6. Because I would rather be in Paris, honestly.
7. But still, I feel the need to point out the irony of the situation.
8. No, really.
9. Emo indie Angst


Jan. 18th, 2007 03:04 pm
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I'm listening to Yes, Virginia in my office. Probably because I've been emailing about the Onion Cellar. What amazes me, is that part of my brain expects to go outside and find some lovely green plants poking through the end of the snow and the smell of spring. Which was the time I listened to this as a complete album last. It's amazing how brains work.
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Song lyrics )

I have a lovely a cappella version of this song from either Rob or Noah back when I was a senior in college. I've had it stuck in my head lately and in writing it down I realize two things. The first of which is that there is a quality of the song which goes beyond just music and lyrics. This is probably obvious, it's what makes good music. It's just the sense that when you look at the lyrics written down.

The other, more prominent, thought is of what makes an a cappella arrangement so much better than the real song. This song, as well as a version of Mona Lisa by Guster I have, are vastly better a cappella. The a cappella version seems to add and emphasize harmonies that are missing or over mixed in the original. In some ways, the song sounds much better sung by a female. The song is dedicated to Anne Sexton and many of the emotions in the song sound much better being sung by someone of the same... mindframe? Not that I know that much about Anne Sexton. I also have a fantastic arrangement of Yellow (Coldplay) and of Mona Lisa (Guster). Both of these emphasize or interpret a rhythm that is present in the orignial in a novel and more exciting way. In each of these, once I looked up the original song I felt disappointed upon hearing it because it missed portions of the original.

I'm feel sick and not very articulate, so I should sleep.


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